Find out what's new on GetNetWise! The Spotlight section features information about the latest issues and concerns facing Internet users and illustrates helpful safety techniques with step-by-step video tutorials. The newest Spotlight additions include information on how to use the privacy settings of popular social networking sites and activating safe search features in most top search engines. More.

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Spyware Resources

The GetNetWise coalition wants Internet users to be only "one click away" from the resources they need to make informed decisions about their and their family's use of the Internet. Based on growing consumer concern in response to new threats to computer security and privacy, the GetNetWise site recently added a "Spotlight on Spyware" section. The Spotlight section offers consumers information and links to resources to help combat invasive spyware programs that have been surreptitiously installed on their personal computers.

The Spotlight on Spyware section is a part of the newly created Consumer Spyware Initiative (CSI), a public "e-health" campaign sponsored by DELL and the GetNetWise Coalition. CSI is designed to educate broadband users about the potential threats associated with spyware, as well as increase consumer awareness of spyware prevention practices. Information regarding CSI is available on the GetNetWise site, including additional links and resources, top five prevention tips, and a list of CSI sponsors.

One of the many components of the Spotlight's consumer outreach is the use of Flash tutorials to instruct users on how to activate their built-in spyware removal and prevention tools. These step-by-step Flash animated tutorials include instructions for Earthlink, Yahoo!, and AOL users. The Spotlight on Spyware section also features links to the Web sites that license and distribute these tools, allowing consumers the opportunity to get information and download the applications as they see fit for their specific predicament.

The section also features additional materials that focus directly on spyware awareness and preventative measures to avoid installing invasive spyware programs in the first place. Latest accompaniments to the Spotlight section include two separate GetNetWise TV segments that concentrate on spyware symptoms and relevant removal tools.

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