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Comments on GetNetWise and Families Online Together

Comments from Participanting Partners in Families Online Together

"GetNetWise is a wonderful resource for parents, one that is comprehensive, easy to understand and accessible. It's important that parents learn about the Internet so they can guide their children. GetNetWise can help."

Nancy Kranich, Former President,
American Library Association

"When America Online put its parental controls on the Welcome screen behind an easy to find button, 80 percent of parents used it. GetNetWise finally puts smart, comprehensive resources right in front of parents across the Internet, and we are pleased to join other industry leaders in committing our knowledge and resources on behalf of parents and kids Web-wide."

Steve Case, Chief Executive Officer
America Online

"The Internet has thousands of wonderful resources for our children, but at times, it can also be a risky place. AT&T is pleased to join other online companies, nonprofit groups, Congress, and the Administration to announce the launch of GetNetWise a comprehensive, online safety resource for families. What's unique about our announcement today is the breadth of companies that have come together to develop GetNetWise. This resource will be easily accessible to all Web surfers and provide a tool for parents and others concerned about keeping kids safe online. We look forward to working with the entire Internet community to make this initiative a success."

Jim Cicconi, General Counsel

"GetNetWise, a voluntary effort, is a great step forward for empowering users, helping parents and safeguarding our First Amendment values."

Jerry Berman, President, Internet Education Foundation
Executive Director, Center for Democracy and Technology

"The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children is proud to be a part of GetNetWise. It's a comprehensive one-stop site for families to report trouble and to make informed decisions about Internet use."

Ernie Allen, President & Chief Executive Officer of the National
Center for Missing & Exploited Children

"Dell is a proud supporter of Families Online Week because as a company that conducts half our business online, we know how important it is for consumers to feel comfortable using the Internet."

Bryant Hilton,

"There's no better remedy for what ails the Internet than for families to enjoy its riches together. FamilyPC, the magazine for parenting in the digital age, is proud to celebrate Families Online Week."

Robin Raskin, Former Editor,
FamilyPC Magazine

"The Kids Domain staff of moms and dads is delighted to support 'Families Online Week' because we've always believed the best way to teach kids about safe surfing is to have them go online with their parents and other family members who have a vested interest in their learning and safety on the Web. Our mission with Kids Domain is to cater to the entire family by offering quality , parent-tested content that integrates play, games and education in a safe, easy to navigate environment . We are very excited about the future of the Internet as a medium that can stimulate families to spen time together learning and exploring and simply having fun!"

Cynthia Sorrels, Executive Editor
Kids Domain

"The complete solution to keeping kids safe online is a combination of tools and information provided by the Internet industry, parental involvement and good judgment in a child's surfing activities. Lycos is pleased to sponsor the GetNetWise initiative and make this resource easily accessible to the 30 million Lycos Network users as an extension of its services that preserve the open environment of the Internet, while giving children and teens a safe way to explore the wonders of the Web."

Bob Davis, President and CEO
Lycos, Inc.

"Microsoft is very pleased to be an organizing partner and active participant in the development and launch of GetNetWise. Providing parents and caregivers with a comprehensive educational resource to help them guide their children safely around the Internet is extremely important to Microsoft and this is why we are linking to the GetNetWise site from both our corporate homepage as well as our consumer portal, We look forward to continuing our involvement with GetNetWise to ensure that online safety resources for parents are always informative, easy to use and just one click away."

Bob Herbold, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
Microsoft Corporation

"Surfing the Net together gives parents and kids an unusual opportunity for each to be both teacher and student for the other. Kids usually bring more tech and Web literacy to the table (or PC , rather), while parents can bring wisdom and a healthy skepticism toward the media!"

Anne Collier, Editor

"With all the talk about 'dangers on the Internet', it's important to remember that the Internet has become an incredibly positive resource for millions of families. Find that our for yourself and help inoculate your family against problems by going online together to explore this vast universe."

Larry Magid, Syndicated Columnist and Founder
SafeKids.Com and SafeTeens.Com

"The number of families downloading Cyber Patrol filtering software has increased 50 percent over the last few months, so we know first-hand how much American families want tools and resources to help them protect their kids. GetNetWise compliments the technological tools we have developed, and makes it simple for parents to locate vital information for guiding their children online."

Susan Getgood, Vice President of Marketing and Development

"Our support of Families Online Week is rooted in the belief that safety online must begin with education. Just as a parent teaches a child to be street smart, teaching children how to be cybersmart will go a long way towards online privacy protection. We hope that families use the Parents' and Teachers' Guide to Online Privacy to build a safety net for surfing the Web."

Bob Lewin, President and CEO

"Since its inception, Disney Online has been a pioneer in developing safety resources for kids and families online. This latest initiative strengthens our company-wide emphasis on privacy and safety and proves our commitment to this ever-important issue. It's natural Disney Online would partner with the GetNetWise partnership. As we've said all along, it is crucial to the continued growth of the Internet that industry takes active steps to increase consumer confidence and deliver private-sector solutions to concerns regarding online privacy protections and safety issues."

Steve Wadsworth, President
Walt Disney Internet Group

"Promoting responsible online child safety is a top priority for Yahoo!", said Catherine Davis, Producer, Yahooligans!
. "We are proud to support efforts such as Family Online Safety Week to ensure that kids are having fun, learning and using the Internet."

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