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For the Press

For press inquiries regarding GetNetWise, contact:

Catherine Matsuda
(202) 638-4370

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Documents from the Project Online Safety Launch February 7, 2007

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Documents from The Wireless Security Initiative Launch (WSI) March 7, 2006

Tim Lordan testifies at Senate Committee on Commerce and Energy hearing on Protecting Children from Internet Pornography January 19, 2006.

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IEF Press Release from the Federal Trade Commission's Web Site Launch September 27, 2005

The Internet Education Foundation Partners with the FTC to Bring Consumers Resources to Protect Themselves Online

Documents From the Consumer Spyware Initiative Launch (CSI) October 15, 2004

CSI is a public awareness campaign sponsored by DELL and the GetNetWise coalition, designed to help Internet users get-net-wise about spyware threats and prevention.

Documents from the GetNetWise 2.0 launch

Documents from the July 1999 launch

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