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Census Scams: Never Respond to a Census Email

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

The U.S. Census is out! But only in your mail box. Fraudulent scammers are staring to send fake phishing emails to consumers pretending to need personal and financial information for the Census. They are bogus. Do not respond to them. As the U.S. Census points out in its Fraudulent Activity and Scams web page it never solicits information from you by email or Web page. It is our understand that a citizen does not return the Census form through the mail the Census Bureau may send properly credentialed Census agents around door to door for the information in May. If some one knocks on your door claiming to be from the Census don’t let them in the house and make sure you see photo ID and documentation that they are from the Census. If you get an email claiming to need personal and financial information for the Census you can be certain it’s a scam (a phishing scam). To learn more about Census phishing scams visit their Fraudulent Activity and Scams web page. To learn more about phishing generally, visit

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