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Yahoo! is committed to being the most essential global Internet service for consumers and businesses by providing the highest quality products and services. Spam, which can be malicious and illegal, is denigrating the online experience for hundreds of millions of Internet users as spammers are sending increasingly egregious and voluminous amounts of spam to users worldwide. As part of our commitment to product quality, finding and employing even more aggressive and innovative ways to help protect users from spam is a top priority for Yahoo!. We believe that the most effective way to thwart the techniques of spammers is by taking a multi-faceted approach, including technology, legislation, industry collaboration and litigation.

As part of our technological approach to fighting spam, Yahoo! Mail SpamGuard automatically filters out bulk mail, including spam, while giving people full control of their inbox. In addition to organizing bulk mail, the Yahoo! Mail system empowers people to customize their own filters and list of addresses to block. Users can easily access and review email, and delete spam when necessary. Yahoo! Mail has long been an advocate in the fight against spam. A dedicated team is continuously upgrading and enhancing SpamGuard to ensure users are receiving top-notch protection. Through the "This is Spam" link on every Yahoo! Mail message, Yahoo! leverages the power of tens of millions of users to continually improve SpamGuard and provide a comprehensive, leading-edge spam control solution.

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