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Verizon Online Initiatives for Internet Safety

Verizon has zero tolerance for obscene, indecent, pornographic, sadistic, cruel, or racist content, of a sexually explicit or graphic nature posted by Verizon customers or others on our system or network. This policy is posted on and enforced strictly. Verizon Online vigorously investigates security complaints and will take appropriate action against any customer or outside organization that violates this policy and other protective policies. Verizon Online seeks out and utilizes the most current technologies and processes to ensure a safe Internet experience for its customers.

Work with Law Enforcement.Verizon actively works with federal, state and local law enforcement regarding the safety of children online, including investigations of online child pornography and child exploitation. Recently, Verizon Online played a principal role in helping Virginia state law enforcement officials apprehend a customer who had abducted a minor across state lines and was engaged in child abuse.

Parental Controls. Through its popular Parental Control feature, MSN® 8 software, which is provided to Verizon Online DSL customers, helps parents protect their children when they're online. The feature gives age-based content settings to parents so they can control how far their kids can go in cyberspace. Cyber guards are easy to put in place to block specific Web sites. A weekly activity report lists visited sites, total time spent online and even which children sent MSN e-mail or MSN Messenger instant messages and a list of recipients. Verizon partners with the Internet Content Rating Association which provides additional tools for parents and ISPs to limit unsafe online surfing.

Limiting Spam. Verizon Online provides customers tools that place suspected spam into a bulk-mail folder. Sidelining adult-oriented spam helps protect young eyes from graphic subject lines and whatever content might be available in the e-mail or available through an embedded link. Verizon also works closely with state and federal legislatures to encourage passage of effective anti-spam legislation and to strengthen existing laws.

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