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TRUSTe - Make Privacy Your Choice (

TRUSTe is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to enabling individuals and organizations to establish trusting relationships based on respect for personal information in the evolving networked world. More than 1200 website privacy statements are TRUSTe certified including leading brands such as BMW, Walt Disney Group, AOL, Yahoo! and The New York Times. Through the successful implementation of those privacy policies, TRUSTe protected hundreds of millions of users every month.

Web sites displaying the TRUSTe Privacy Seal are committed to abiding by a privacy policy that gives users notice, choice, access, security and redress with regard to their personal information. When consumers see the TRUSTe seal, they can be assured that they have full control over the uses of their personal information and that their privacy is protected.

Privacy Watchdog
When consumers feel their privacy has been compromised, TRUSTe provides a third-party online dispute resolution system for certified sites. TRUSTe has successfully mediated more than 1,500 privacy-related disputes between Web sites and their customers in the past year.

Children's Privacy
The TRUSTe Children's Privacy Seal Program was created to help children and their guardians surf the web safely and without concern for inappropriate advertising. The program earned "Safe Harbor" status for the ChildrenŐs Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) from the FTC on May 23, 2001. Since then the children's seal protects more than 10 million children every month and has become a signal to parents and teachers that thier children can surf safely. TRUSTe also distributes the Parents and Teacher's Guide to Online Privacy A guide for parents and teachers to protecting children's privacy while navigating the web.

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