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Comcast, High-Speed Internet and GetNetWise

As the Internet grows and evolves, Comcast is committed to providing Comcast High-Speed Internet customers and their families with the tools and resources they need to make educated decisions about exploring the Internet so they may have a safe and enjoyable online experience. To that end, Comcast prominently displays on its customer home page online safety news features, provides e-mail filtering to protect against spam and offers a McAfee firewall. Comcast also links to its TRUSTe-endorsed privacy policy on its Comcast High-Speed Internet start page. In addition, customers will find ongoing safety and security news, services and offerings in the Service Center at Comcast is proud to be a part of GetNetWise and assist in educating consumers about Internet safety and resources that help customers make the most of their Internet experience.

At Comcast, we believe that safety and security tools are helpful only if they're convenient, simple to use and as easy to find. In the Comcast Service Center on the customer start page, Comcast features friendly sections highlighting helpful service tips, articles, websites and free tools that help customers understand and manage their broadband connections.

The Comcast Service Center channel is included in customers' monthly subscriptions and is located on the home page. Within the Comcast Service Center, customers will find:

  • Free Service and Safety Tools - Every Comcast customer can receive a free McAfee firewall for up to one year. Customers can learn more about the importance of firewalls and about set-up by clicking the link to McAfee's site. Also, customers can use a free spam e-mail filter on their desktops that comes included with every Comcast e-mail address. Comcast will continue to develop ways and employ means to fight spam with the most effective and advanced technology available.
  • Online Tutorials - Comcast highlights a monthly slide show presentation in the Online Security Section of the Service Center with information on relevant topics such as "Parent's Guide to Internet Safety" and "How to Prevent Spam." The tutorials offer customers a thorough explanation and effective tips on how customers can configure their connections to maximize their use of our service.
  • Safety Spotlight - In this section, Comcast links to GetNetWise to further support the industry initiative to inform customers about available tools and resources and how to use them effectively. Comcast also features links to resources such the Federal Trade Commission and other reputable safety and security sites.
  • Help Forums - As part of Comcast's overall commitment to quality customer support, Comcast has a dedicated security forum where customers can ask advanced technical support about topics such as viruses, spam, protecting broadband connections and other security issues.
  • Self-Help - Comcast hosts a variety of resources including a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section where customers can learn more about protecting themselves and their connections.
  • Comcast Privacy Policy - Comcast holds customer privacy in the highest regard. We believe that consumer education and communication about privacy issues are the first steps in establishing trust with the Internet community. As part of the company's commitment, Comcast is a member of TRUSTe, a leading privacy certification and seal program on the Internet. Comcast's privacy policy may be found on the Comcast start page at

Comcast continues to develop additional new and advanced tools to help customers feel safe and secure so that they may enjoy their broadband Internet experience to the fullest.

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