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Center for Democracy & Technology

The Center for Democracy and Technology ("CDT") is an independent, non-profit public interest organization advocating user empowerment and free expression on the Internet. At the core of CDT's mission is its commitment to bringing information and technologies to individuals that enable them to take control of their online experience. This commitment is reflected in its work with advocates, industry and experts to develop and make those technologies available to the most users possible.

CDT's efforts to empower and inform Internet users are an integral part of its broader Internet policy agenda in the areas of children's online safety, free expression, privacy, and computer security.

Children's Safety Online

CDT believes that the best way to protect children online, while respecting constitutional free speech and privacy values, is to empower families with the information and tools they need to protect themselves online.

CDT has been a leader in the effort to assure the safety of children online in a manner respectful of the First Amendment and the interests of free expression. CDT has played a key role in court cases challenging laws that would limit adult access to legal content on the Internet. It encourages the development of a broad range of filters by industry that would address the diverse needs of America's families and promotes their voluntary use in the home. CDT was an early and active participant in the development and deployment of GetNetWise, and encourages its use by families and its adoption by businesses.


CDT has promoted empowering users to take control of the collection and use of their personal information. CDT's website offers in-depth discussion of privacy issues, data collection practices. Of particular practical value to consumers is CDT's "Operation Opt-Out," an aid to users who wish to exercise their choice not to receive telemarketing calls and postal mail solicitations.

In addition, CDT was instrumental in the development of, an online resource sponsored by privacy and public interest advocates. The wide reach of is evident in its and has been noted in such wide reaching publications as USA Today. Most recently, ConsumerPrivacyGuide posted in-depth information for consumers about the newly instituted Federal Trade Commission "Do Not Call" initiative.


CDT has done extensive research into the causes of spam and the measures consumers can take to reduce the amount of spam they receive. CDT reported those findings in its recent report entitled, "Why Am I Getting All This Spam?" Part of that report included "Spam Savvy Tips," which CDT has actively publicized as consumers' first steps toward reducing the amount of unwanted spam in their inboxes.


CDT is responding to the growing need for consumer-based action to securing personal computers. CDT works with companies and governments to assure the adoption of higher security standards, and looks forward to working with GetNetWise to bring information about computer security to users.

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