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American Library Association

The American Library Association is the voice of libraries and the millions of people who depend on them every day. Its mission is to promote the highest quality library and information services and public access to information.

Librarians are a library's greatest resource. They help their community - adults and children - become information literate by teaching them how to access, evaluate, and use information. They answer questions and guide children to quality Web sites in the same way they recommend books and other resources.

The ALA and thousands of libraries nationwide offer a variety of Internet resources, including Great Web Sites for Kids, selected by childrenŐs librarians; Internet safety information and classes for children and their parents; policies and procedures regarding Internet use in the library; and the LibrarianŐs Guide to Cyberspace for Parents and Kids.

Especially for Children and Their Parents, provides links to "Online Safety Rules and Suggestions," "Designed-for-children Search Engines," "Additional ALA Web Sites for Parents, Children, and Librarians," "Other Educational Sites," and "Privacy Issues."

For people without Internet access at home or work, public libraries are the number one point of access. As more and more public libraries log on to the Internet, many also are developing World Wide Web pages that combine the professional skills and savvy of librarians with the speed and scope of the Internet. Libraries access to the information people need and want, on-or offline, in addition to the invaluable expertise of professional librarians.

By providing guidance for libraries in developing and implementing policies to ensure the highest quality library and information services, ALA also takes an active role in educating parents and the public about the Internet through its Web site and through participation in joint initiatives such as GetNetWise.

ALA Web site

Great Web Sites for Kids Great_Web_Sites_for_Kids/Great_Web_Sites_for_Kids.htm

Librarian's Guide to Cyberspace for Parents and Kids Available_PIO_Materials/The_Librarians_Guide_to_Cyberspace_for_Parents_and_Kids.htm

Especially for Children and Their Parents

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