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Special Thanks was the product of the combined effort of staff and interns from the Internet Education Foundation and the Center for Democracy & Technology. The staff relied heavily on the advice, input, and guidance of the GetNetWise Partners and Advisors.

Jerry Berman, President of IEF, spearheaded the GetNetWise project and built industry and non-profit consensus around the concept. The Web site's content was created, promoted, and distributed by:

Paula Bruening
Lusan Chua
Michael Clark
Alan Davidson
Alek Gembinski, Former CDT/IEF Webmaster
Liza Kessler
Megan Kinnaird
Tim Lordan
Catherine Parsons
Eric Syefried
Ari Schwartz
Charles Willson
Danielle Yates

Rob Courtney
Michael Clark
Matt Grossmann

The new GetNetWise Web design and searchable tool database were developed by George and Rich Fox of F2.

Many of the GetNetWise TV segments were filmed and edited by Stew Harris of the New Media Mill. Others were filmed and edited by Michael Clark. GetNetWise TV guests include Anne Collier of NetFamilyNews, Larry Magid and Ari Schwartz of the Center for Democracy and Technology.

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