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  • 9 things that make viral hoaxes challenging November 18, 2021
    Remember “Blue Whale”? Almost five years ago, when I was getting to the bottom of that murky hoax, it wasn’t yet understood as one. It was being called a “suicide game,” and those two words were scaring parents around the world, literally. I was looking all over the Web for reliable sources and found my […]
  • The metaverse and the Meta part October 31, 2021
    I hadn’t read Snow Crash. So I first learned about the metaverse in 2008, right after returning from a family trip around the world and a few months before Barack Obama was elected President for the first time. I was a little disoriented coming back to America after 10 months in many other countries, especially […]
  • Take-aways from the ‘Facebook Files’ October 9, 2021
    What a week it has been, right? At least for those of us who follow and/or use social media. There was the naming of whistleblower Frances Haugen on “60 Minutes” Sunday night, US time; the hours-long outage of all of Facebook’s products Monday; Haugen’s testimony on Capitol Hill Tuesday, a report that hackers were offering […]
  • New game to help middle schoolers be media literacy masters September 21, 2021
    It’s definitely not your typical American high school – not the one in “Agents of Influence.” But high school is the backdrop, which is smart for a media literacy videogame aimed at middle schoolers, right? Especially a sketchy, slightly dystopian fictional one like “Virginia Hall High,” in which the game is set. First, the school […]
  • Countering ‘hate raids’ needs to be coordinated too September 2, 2021
    The “hate raids” on Twitch spotlight an important online safety reality: It’s increasingly a cross-platform effort. Hate raids, or hate spam, is harassment on steroids and, as the Washington Post points out, it’s a form of online harm that has been around for years but “became a larger Twitch concern [last] month after a streamer […]
  • Apple & the child online safety challenge August 26, 2021
    2nd important update Sept. 19: As if in direct response to the open letter from privacy activists around the world, the WeProtect Global Alliance published their own statement saying Apple must not pause its expanded protections, the Guardian reported. I stand by my thoughts in the update just below. We need privacy activists and protection […]
  • If anything needs to go viral, it’s this… July 2, 2021
    …the message, “Report it. Don’t share it.”  The “it” in this public awareness campaign Facebook just launched is child sexual abuse material (CSAM), the accurate term for what is typically called “child pornography” in the United States. Thankfully, it’s extremely unlikely you’ll ever see content like this. “The prevalence of this content on our platform […]
  • Key piece of the puzzle: Australia’s ‘Safety by Design’ tools June 23, 2021
    A vital piece of the global online safety puzzle has just fallen into place: Australia’s eSafety Commissioner’s Office this week unveiled its Safety by Design tools for Internet companies everywhere. They’re the outgrowth of extensive international research and consultation with people in industry, government, academia and advocacy, including youth and parents – a process eSafety […]
  • How our kids can become ‘indistractable’ June 18, 2021
    I was almost too distracted over the past couple of days to write this review of Indistractable. But there’s some real “digital parenting” wisdom in it, so here we are, blog post done. For example, co-author Nir Eyal says, “Teach traction.” The opposite of distraction isn’t focus, as we typically think. It’s traction, which “comes […]
  • Could platforms design for 2nd chances?: Insight from key study May 28, 2021
    No stage of life is easy, but being a teen is hard in a very particular way. “Adolescence is a period of rapid cognitive, social and emotional development,” said researcher Amanda Lenhart, Health & Data lead at the Data & Society Research Institute in New York, at a conference this week, for example. “They’re a […]

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  • Generosity is Great, But Be Cautious When Giving to Charity December 2, 2021
    “Giving Tuesday,” which is now behind us, is really the start of the end-of-the-year holiday giving period. Unfortunately, this season of generosity also brings out online scammers. The post Generosity is Great, But Be Cautious When Giving to Charity appeared first on ConnectSafely.
    Larry Magid
  • Ask Trish: ​​Social Media 101 (Part 2) November 30, 2021
    “I’m new to social media and curious what I should know about each platform. Are there certain things I should keep in mind?” Ask Trish is back again with Social Media 101 — Part 2! As you’ll all recall, last week, we had a question from a new social media user (I’ve included it above!) […]
    Trisha Prabhu
  • Ask Trish: I’m New to Social Media November 23, 2021
    Dear Trish: I’m new to social media and curious what I should know about each platform. Are there certain things I should keep in mind? The post Ask Trish: I’m New to Social Media appeared first on ConnectSafely.
    Trisha Prabhu
  • Ask Trish: Social Media and Mental Health November 16, 2021
    Dear Trish: Maybe it’s just me but I just feel really bad about myself when I’m on social media. Like literally everyone seems to be living their best life and it reminds me how much is wrong with mine. How can I feel better? The post Ask Trish: Social Media and Mental Health appeared first […]
    Trisha Prabhu
  • Parent’s Guide to Amazon Parent Dashboard November 12, 2021
    Amazon Parent Dashboard is the free hub where parents and guardians manage and customize their kids’ experiences across Amazon devices and the Amazon Kids + subscription. The post Parent’s Guide to Amazon Parent Dashboard appeared first on ConnectSafely.
    Maureen Kochan
  • Computing Has Gone Full Circle, and It’s Time to Go Back a Bit November 11, 2021
    My very first computer was a Cyber 70. I didn’t own it nor did I ever get within a few feet of it. It was a giant mainframe housed at the University of Massachusetts Amherst Graduate Research Center. The post Computing Has Gone Full Circle, and It’s Time to Go Back a Bit appeared first […]
    Larry Magid
  • Facebook Not Alone in Embrace of ‘Metaverse’ November 4, 2021
    As you've undoubtedly heard, Facebook has renamed itself Meta. Some people thought that was in response to the company's recent troubles, but a company the size of Facebook doesn't go through a major rebranding in a matter of weeks. It's clearly been on the drawing board for months, if not longer. The post Facebook Not […]
    Larry Magid
  • Physical + Digital Wellness November 2, 2021
    Physical wellness is often associated with sleep, nutrition, and exercise but your technology habits are also having an influence. The post Physical + Digital Wellness appeared first on ConnectSafely.
    Kerry Gallagher
  • Ask Trish: Being Funny vs. Mean, Online Edition November 2, 2021
    Dear Trish: My friends and I love to joke around online. But recently one of my friends said something on social media that actually hurt another friend’s feelings. How can we tell if we’re being mean or funny online? The post Ask Trish: Being Funny vs. Mean, Online Edition appeared first on ConnectSafely.
    Trisha Prabhu
  • Removing Child Images from Google Search October 28, 2021
    Google has announced a new policy that allows people under 18 or their parents or guardians to request the removal of images in Google search. This does not necessarily remove them from the internet and Google suggests that you also contact the website to request they remove the image.  According to a Google blog post […]
    Larry Magid