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  • ConnectSafely appoints Kerry Gallagher Director of K-12 Education October 1, 2015
    Kerry is an award-winning Technology Integration Specialist at a high school in Massachusetts and co-author of ConnectSafely's latest booklet, "The Educator's Guide to Social Media."
    Larry Magid
  • How to avoid spreading hoaxes on social media September 29, 2015
    by Larry Magid Anything you post is coming from you, which means you're responsible for it being accurate, even if you got it from somewhere else. Take responsibility and verify what you see before you spread it any further.
    Larry Magid
  • Data & privacy basics for educators September 26, 2015
    by Kerry Gallagher There are legitimate reasons to collect student data, but parents and students also have privacy rights that must be protected,
    Kerry Gallagher
  • Identity theft can hit children too September 24, 2015
    by Larry Magid Identify theft can be a serious problem for victims. It can destroy your credit, get you in trouble with the IRS and sometimes even result in your arrest if someone commits a crime in your name. Other consequences, wrote Katie Morell in the book, “Stolen Identity,” include counterfeiting and forgery of documents, […]
    Larry Magid
  • North Carolina teens charged under child porn laws: What you need to know about teen sexting September 21, 2015
    by Larry Magid Two North Carolina teens are being tried for manufacturing and possession of child pornography because they have naked pictures of each other on their phones. The teens were 16 at the time which is old enough to be tried as an adult
    Larry Magid
  • Local libraries offer movies and other digital content September 17, 2015
    by Larry Magid Regardless of where you live, there’s a good chance your library offers great resources plus, you may be able to sign-up for a library card in another city, though you may have to visit the library. Not all allow you to sign-up online.
    Larry Magid
  • So called Facebook “dislike” button will be for kindness, not meanness September 16, 2015
    by Larry Magid Mark Zuckerberg hasn’t confided in me any details about the company’s plans to launch what is being called the “dislike button,” but I’m pretty sure it will be used to convey empathy and support, not mean comments.
    Larry Magid
  • What to do when your child feels invisible around other people September 15, 2015
    by Trudy Ludwig We humans are social beings. We have a fundamental need to belong and feel connected and valued by our peers. Yet social exclusion is, unfortunately, something that most of us experience at some point in our lives.
    Maureen Kochan
  • It takes a village to combat bullying and we’re all villagers September 14, 2015
    By Annie Fox I got in trouble the other day. Someone was offended by something I wrote. It’s rarely my intention to offend anyone, but it happens.
    Annie Fox
  • California Electronic Communications Privacy Act  protects privacy AND children September 8, 2015
    California legislators to vote on privacy bill by Larry Magid Update Sept 9, 2015: The bill passed the State Senate and Assembly and is now waiting for the governor’s signature.  The United States has a long-standing tradition of protecting the rights of all of its citizens, including those that authorities believe may have information related to possible […]
    Larry Magid

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  • A prime minister & a professor: True connecting in a digital age September 28, 2015
    Two messages in two media – video and text – by a prime minister and a professor got me, and I’m sure many others, thinking about the good, not-so-good and necessary connecting we human beings are doing on digital devices now, at both international and personal levels. I haven’t heard a politician from any country […]
  • From bystanders to ‘upstanders’ & leaders: How it’s done September 22, 2015
    This is one way it’s done, anyway – the way #iCANHELP does it. And in more than a decade of writing about solutions to anti-social behavior online, I haven’t seen one as effective, pro-social and pro-student as #iCANHELP. [Disclosure: I’m working with #iCANHELP to pilot a social media helpline for schools this year, so I’m […]
  • Digital citizenship’s missing piece September 16, 2015
    At the end of a long, thoughtful conversation on stage in Chautauqua, N.Y., last fall, public radio host Krista Tippett asked millennial author and commentator Nathan Schneider, “What makes you despair and what gives you hope?” His answer to both parts of the question focused on agency – the capacity to act, learn by doing […]
  • iCanHelpline launched! August 17, 2015
    I’m thrilled to tell you that, after a successful crowdfunding campaign and with support from a number of social media companies and the Digital Trust Foundation,, launched today. A joint project of Net Family News and #iCANHELP, it’s the California pilot for a national social media “helpdesk” for schools. Though there are Internet helplines […]
  • Social media & what our kids could be teaching us August 15, 2015
    Two years ago, when “selfie” was named “Word of the Year” and the spontaneous snapping of self-portraits on cellphones was being vilified as yet another example of youth’s narcissism, author and educator Rachel Simmons posted a bit of healthy disruption. She wrote in Slate, “Consider this: The selfie is a tiny pulse of girl pride […]
  • Social media literacy 101 (for adults) June 14, 2015
    “I can’t even” possibly know what I’m seeing in teens’ tweets, texts and posts. Not until I ask them. The very fact that I continued that sentence past the close quote demonstrates that. What do I mean? They hide meaning in plain site. Have you heard researcher danah boyd’s term “social steganography”? It means hiding […]
  • Tech likely not the main problem in cyberbullying: Breakthrough study June 10, 2015
    There are some groundbreaking takeaways (and many more insights) in new research from the University of New Hampshire – “The Role of Technology in Peer Harassment: Does It Amplify Harm for Youth?” – and my headline is one of them. Another one is the answer to the question posed in the authors’ headline: “no,” their […]
  • For kids’ sake, don’t ‘black box’ social media June 5, 2015
    For our children’s sake, it’s more important than ever that we not “black box” our media, whether as researchers or as parents and educators. An essay from psychologist and media professor Sonia Livingstone in the new scholarly journal Social Media + Society got me thinking about this. Dr. Livingstone observes that scholars in disciplines other […]
  • Supreme Court decision & our kids: About context not free speech June 1, 2015
    Today’s decision by the US Supreme Court sent a clear message about the importance of context for making decisions about what we see online. It was bad news for victims of online harassment and their advocates but good news for parents of kids not thinking about the impact of their online speech and actions. “The […]
  • Help us build & pilot a Social Media Helpline for schools! May 13, 2015
    Hey, everybody! We at NetFamilyNews and iCANHELP would greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word about (and if possible contributing to) our just-launched crowd funding campaign at Indiegogo. We’re in the process of creating a hotline schools can call for help with problems in social media which we’ll pilot this coming school year in […]